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UNITED NATIONS POPULATION FUNDS ORGANIZATION. Plot 55, Lodi Estate New Delhi 110 003, India. Customers' Service Hours--Monday To Saturday 24 Hours: Attention: We the UNITED NATIONS POPULATION FUNDS ORGANIZATION under the India Ministry Of Finance With The RESERVE BANK (RBI) and IMF (International Monitory Fund) has finally adopted this Administrative Measure owing to various complains/petitions received from beneficiaries owning to the delays in receiving their contract/award inheritance fund as expected. This email is from the UNITED NATIONS POPULATION FUNDS ORGANIZATION (UNPFO) regarding your parcel/package that was supposed to be delivered to you from the Lottery Department London-UK, along the delivery process there was a problem between we and the INDIAN INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT in regard of some certificate which covers the security of your package and it happens to be the cause that your package was held/seize from being delivered to your address. Meanwhile, we are happy to inform you that our Head Management has sorted out every hitch problem and the Head of Organization has released 4 valuable packages to be delivered to each rightful beneficiary. Therefore be informed that your package which is containing an ATM MASTER CARD activated with the total cash of $2,500,000.00 US DOLLARS is among the listed packages ready to be delivered to your nominated correct address. Without any delay, kindly reconfirm to us the below information for immediate direct delivery of your ATM MASTER CARD PACKAGE. 1,Your Full Name In Birth: 2,Your Complete Correct Delivery Address: 3,Your Direct Mobile Phone Number: 4,Your Present Country: 5,Your State Considering the fact that the depositor of this parcel which is the Lottery Department London-UK still own this ORGANIZATION the sum of $298 us dollars before the problem occurred, furthermore we want you to understand that this ORGANIZATION has spent out their income in the process of recovering back your package, so dear sir/madam we once again appreciate your patient in our favor, but as t he rightful Be informed that once we receive the required fee, your package tracking number will be sent to you via email as to enable you track your package via online, because we operate in trust and loyalty in your favor. KINDLY CONTACT OUR UNITED NATIONS ACCOUNTING LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE OFFICER ON THE BELOW DETAILS IN REGARDS OF RELEASING YOUR ATM MASTER CARD PACKAGE TO YOU IMMEDIATELY. ALSO ASK THE OFFICER HOW THE REQUIRED $298 US DOLLARS CAN BE PAID, SO THAT YOUR ATM MASTER CARD PARCEL CAN BE PROCESS FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY TO YOUR NOMINATED DOOR STEP ADDRESS WITHIN TWO WORKING DAYS. ============================================================= 1] Contact Officer Name: ms Sonia sharma 2] Contact Address: (UNPFO) Plot 55, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110 003, India 3] Contact Email: 4] Contact Tel: +919643936793 For your kind notice, this ATM MASTER Card Contains Maximum Of $2.5 Million United States Dollars, and you have a daily withdrawal limit of $5,000.00 US DOLLARS from the MASTER CARD. Without wasting any time, kindly contact & forward your complete details to our UN accounting officer on the above details, and also call him on his telephone number as for immediate response. Finally, note that the required $298 us dollars is for the purpose of our security keeping fee of your ATM MASTER CARD PARCEL since the deposited day. So it is 100% necessary and compulsory that the payment will be submitted before your ATM MASTER CARD PARCEL can be process for delivery to your door step address. cash on delivery is not allowed. CONTACT OUR UNITED NATIONS ACCOUNTING LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE OFFICER ON THE ABOVE DETAILS IN REGARDS OF RECEIVING YOUR ATM MASTER CARD PACKAGE IMMEDIATELY. United Nations Population Funds Organization is one of the world's great success United Organization, that start-up with all counties. In the past 150 years, we've grown up into a diverse families that's bigger, stronger, better than ever